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Ionized Microcluster Alkaline Water Bottle

Portable Water Ionizer for travel
Turns purified or bottled water into ionized microcluster alkaline water.
Product Code: B-101

Home Water Ionizer

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Home Water Ionizer & Purification System

Counter top or under sink installation for apartment, house, RV or boat.
Product code: C-640

			House Water System

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Whole House Water System

Supplies clean water for the whole house.
Product code: U-820WholeHouse

Restaurant & Coffee Shop Water Ionizer

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Restaurant & Coffee Shop Water Ionizer & Purification System

For restaurant or coffee shop to improve food taste. Installed under the kitchen sink.
Product code: U-820

Commercial Water Ionizer & Purification System

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Commercial Water Ionizer & Purification System

For a small bottled water store to provide bottled water in the neighborhood. Bottled Water Store

Product code: U-820II

Industrial Water Ionizer

Add to your existing bottled water production line and turn your water to ionized microcluster alkaline water. Production Line

Product code: I-4000

Complete Production Line for Ionized Microcluster Alkaline Water

Complete ionized microcluster alkaline water and purified water production line from scratch. Production Line

Product code: LN-5000

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For attaching to the faucet and switch between tap water and filtered water.
Product code: DIVERTER

pH Chlorine Test Kit

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pH Tester and Chlorine Test Kit

For testing water pH and chlorine level.
Product code: TK

pH Chlorine Test Kit

Replacement Filters

Find Replacement Filters for your water ionizers.

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