Why Choose Our Alkaline Water?

Alkaline Water: The Healthy Environment

Alkaline water helps you stay in healthy alkaline environment.

Your body needs alkaline environment to stay in healthy. For instance, your blood, brain cerebrospinal fluid and mitochondrial matrix are all alkaline.

Blood Color and Health

Blood Color and Health

However, most food and beverages are acidic (e.g. meat, egg, cheese, coffee, milk and cooked grains). Your body has to over consume itself to stay in alkaline. When your body can no longer handle it, your blood becomes acidic, and you get sick.

acidic food

Microcluster Water: Powerful Detoxification

It may be inevitable that you have to eat some unhealthy food, but the more important thing is what happens after. Our water helps you get rid of the toxic wastes left in your body.

Constipation causes many diseases, i.e. you are not able to get rid of the toxic wastes.

Our water improves hydration. It brings more nutrients into your cells and carries out more wastes.


BEFORE drinking our water:

Red blood cells are de-hydrated and clump together. They cannot carry the oxygen that the cells need.

Blood sample before drinking our water

30 ~ 40 minutes AFTER drinking our water:

Red blood cells become healthy. They are far apart, wrapped in a layer of oxygen and move freely in the entire body.

Blood sample 40 minutes after drinking Water80 alkaline water

Ionized Water: Anti-Oxidants

Our water is also ionized. It contains rich anions, negatively charged ions, such as chloride - a chemical the human body needs for metabolism and it also helps keeping the body's acid-base balance.


Purified Water

Tap water contains harmful contaminants. For instance, chlorine and its byproducts, THMs, can cause rectal cancer, bladder cancer and breast cancer, and rust causes liver cancer.

Put a live fish in tap water, it will die in a few days. The fish understands the water the best and does not lie. That's why tap water can never be used in aquarium without purification.

Our water is purified. The contaminants are removed, but healthy minerals such as calcium and magnesium are kept in water.

tap water kills fish


70% of You is Water

That's why no other elements can change your body more effectively than our water does.

In just 3 days, the onion root in Water80 ionized microcluster alkaline water grows much larger than the other one in bottled water or tap water. 

Human body has powerful self-healing ability. This amazing demonstration shows that our water is the water of life and it gives your body the perfect environment to heal.

Test onion growth

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