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Industrial Water Ionizer

Industrial Water Ionizer

This water ionizer is added to your existing bottled water production line to change the water into ionized microcluster alkaline water.

Industrial Water Ionizer


  • Great water output:
    • This ionized water machine is highly scalable and produces ionized microcluster water in minimum 10,000 litres/hour. It's highly scalable to produce more water for your requirement.
  • Smaller water clusters:
    • Is easily absorbed into your cells, gets more nutrients directly into your cells and takes wastes out of your body.
    • Provides better hydration for skins and cells.
  • Alkaline, pH corrected:
    • Removes acidic elements that are the cause of many chronic diseases.
  • Ionized:
    • A powerful anti-oxidant which removes free radicals that are a contributor to aging and many diseases.
  • Healthy minerals:
    • Retains healthy minerals in tap water.
    • Increases calcium, zinc and magnesium in water.


  • Water output: 10000 litres/hour or more
  • Dimension: More
    • 10000 litres/hour: length 2.5 m, height 1.7 m, width 0.75 m
    • More than 10000 litres/hour: larger size
  • No chemicals or synthetics added
  • Temperature: 35-100°F (2-38°C) cold water use only
  • Pressure: 10-60 psi. (0.7-4.1 bar), non-shock
  • Water source: tap water or well water


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