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Restaurant & Coffee Shop Water Ionizer & Purification System

Restaurant & Coffee Shop Water Ionizer & Purification System

This commercial water ionizer is for coffee shop, brewery or restaurant that requires greater output of ionized microcluster alkaline water for drinking, cooking and making beverages.


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"Water80 basically changed everything! The water we drink, the water we cook with had enhanced us and all the food we serve, from fresh soup to pastas, from coffee to tea, everything has the most amazing taste!"

- Le Magnifique French Restaurant, New York City, United States

Highlights for Restaurants or Coffee Shops

  • Smaller water clusters:
    • Brings out more ingredients and tastes.
    • Gets more nutrients into cells.
    • Makes food washing and preparing clean and fresh.
  • Alkaline, pH corrected:
    • Makes dishes, soups, coffee, cocktail and beverage taste better.
    • Removes acidic elements that are the cause of many chronic diseases.
  • Ionized with anions:
    • Antioxidant for keeping food fresh.
  • Healthy minerals:
    • Retains healthy minerals in tap water.
    • Increases calcium, zinc and magnesium in water.
  • Cleaner than bottled water:
    • Removes iodine 131, bacteria, chlorine, lead, odour, rust, parasites, dirt, cysts and many contaminants from tap water.


This stainless steel commercial water ionizer is installed under the sink in kitchen. A separated drinking water faucet is required. Both inlet and outlet of this system are 1/2". You'll need to use 1/2" to 3/8" adapter and 3/8" hoses to connect tap water to its inlet, and connect its outlet to the drinking water faucet. Only a certified plumber is authorized to install this commercial water ionizer.

Premium Purified Water

This ionized alkaline water purifier reduces the following contaminants from tap water:

  • Iodine 131
  • Bacteria (99.9999%), e.g., E-Coli.
  • Most viruses
  • Particles of 0.1 micron (µm) and larger (99.9999%).
  • Chlorine - cause of rectal cancer, colon cancer, bladder cancer and breast cancer.
  • Lead - a poisonous metal that damages nervous connections and cause blood and brain disorders.
  • Mercury - a poisonous metal that damages nervous brain and liver.
  • Volatile organic chemicals (VOC's) - a cause of respiratory problems.
  • Total trihalomethanes (THMs) - cause of rectal cancer, colon cancer, bladder cancer and breast cancer.
  • Rust - cause of liver cancer.
  • Heavy metals - dangerous and toxic.
  • Odor and taste
  • Chloramines
  • Turbidity
  • Dirt and cloudiness
  • Parasites
  • Cysts, e.g., giardia lamblia, entamoeba histolytica, cryptosporidium cysts.
  • Mold and algae
  • Asbestos fibers
  • Oxidized iron
  • Oxidized manganese
  • Oxidized sulphides
  • Nitrate nitrogen and nitrite nitrogen


  • Water output flow rate: 300 litres/hour, 1.3 gallons/minute
  • Dimension: 67 X 39 X 12 cm / 26.4 X 15.4 X 4.8 inches
  • Stainless steel cartridge: length 52 cm / 20.5 inches, diameter 9 cm / 3.5 inches
  • Filter length: 20"
  • Inlet connection: 1/2" FIP hose
  • Outlet connection: 1/2" FIP hose
  • No plug-in or power required.
  • No chemicals or synthetics added.
  • Temperature: 35-100°F (2-38°C) cold water use only
  • Pressure: 10-60 psi. (0.7-4.1 bar), non-shock
  • Water source: city tap water
  • Filter change: 12 months or 14,600 litres / 38,56 gallons (depends upon tap water quality and flow rate)
  • Net weight: 8.5 kg / 18.8 lbs
  • Accessories included:
    • one 15" long, 1/2" FIP to 1/2" FIP stainless steel vinylcoat bendable hose
    • one 1/2" MIP to 1/2" MIP adapter
    • one stainless steel hanging board 

This commercial water ionizer contains filtration technologies including:


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