Compare Water Filter Against Water80 System

Ordinary water filter does not help you battle diseases:

  • Ordinary water filter or water purifier is a combination of sediment prefiltration, activated carbon filtration and ceramic filtration or micro filtration. It produces clean water for drinking and cooking.
  • Most home and office water filters or purifiers do not contain ultrafiltration. Ultrafiltration produces cleaner water than micro filtration or ceramic filtration does since ultrafiltration removes particles of 0.1 µm (micron) or larger, whereas micro filtration or ceramic filtration removes particles of 0.5~2 µm (micron) or larger. That means water filtered using ultrafiltration is 5 to 20 times cleaner. High-end water filtration system is a sub-system inside Water80 Ionized Microcluster Alkaline Water Filter System.

    Compare Water Filter
  • Ordinary water filter has no effect on changing pH level or reducing water cluster size. Filtered water is still large cluster water and has the same pH level as tap water which is about 6.5 (acidic).
  • It does not have dissolved minerals or anions increased.
  • Filtered water has no effect on battling chronic diseases.
  Ordinary Water Filter Water80 Ionized Microcluster Alkaline Water


Ionized Microcluster Alkaline Water Filter

Filtration Methods and Clean Quality Clean: multi-stage filtration including sediment pre-filtration, activated carbon, micro filtration or ceramic filtration. Very clean: multi-stage filtration including PP cotton, activated carbon, calcium sulfite/KDF, ultrafiltration and Ionized Microcluster Alkaline Water generator
pH Acidic Stable alkaline
Dissolved Minerals and Anions Low High
Antioxidant Effect No Yes
Cluster Size of Water Molecule Large clusters Stable small clusters