Compare Water Ionizer Against Water80 System

Electric water ionizers are too expensive, must be plugged in and drain acidic water:

Electric water ionizer is also called ionized electrolysis water or kangen in Japanese.

  Electric Water Ionizer Water80 Ionized Microcluster Alkaline Water Filter System

water ionizer

Ionized Microcluster Alkaline Water Filter

Price $1,400 ~ $6,500 $995
Filtration Methods and Clean Quality Clean Very clean: multi-stage filtration including PP cotton, activated carbon, calcium sulfite/KDF, ultrafiltration and Ionized Microcluster Alkaline Water generator
pH Alkaline: unstable, lasts for 24 hours Alkaline: stable, lasts for months
Dissolved Minerals and Anions Various (depends on brand) High
Antioxidant Effect Yes Yes
Cluster Size of Water Molecule Small clusters Small clusters
Efficiency 50% of water is acidic and is wasted down the drain No waste
Power Requires plug-in No plug-in or power is needed. Even safe for children to operate.
Technology Electrolysis Learn more about our technology and the revolution of alkaline water generator.
  • Electric water ionizers produce over-alkaline water which has a pH above 8.5 which is too alkaline to drink. According to Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality and United States National Primary Drinking Water Regulations, pH of healthy drinking water should not exceed 8.5. Water with pH above 8.5 can be used for something else but not for drinking. Over-alkaline liquid can damage and burn organic tissues just as over-acidic liquid does. That's why some people feel dizzy after drinking the water with pH above 9. The key of health is to maintain proper acid-base balance, not going extreme on either over acid or over alkaline direction.
  • Most electric water ionizers produce unstable alkaline water which typically lasts for 24 hours. Therefore, people have to drinking the water immediately and the water cannot be bottled. On the contrary, Water80 system produces stable alkaline water which lasts for months, and we recommend bottling your own alkaline water wherever you go.
  • Electric water ionizer needs electricity and plug-in to operate which makes you pay more on your hydro bill. When there is a power outage, it does not produce any water. When electricity is used with water, there is always a safety concern about electric shock. However, our Water80 system does not need plug-in or power and is even safe for children to operate.
  • Some electric water ionizers need to be cleaned every 2-4 months to remove calcium from the metal plates. It cannot be used in hard water because it uses electrolysis and metal plates. Electrolysis causes metal plates attract the hard minerals in water, and when the plates are covered by the minerals, such as calcium, they no longer function. On the contrary, Water80 ionized microcluster alkaline water filter system does not have this problem and operates even in hard water.
  • Because 70% of space in water ionizer is occupied by electric devices, there is only 30% of space left for water filtration. Therefore most water ionizers only contain one filter cartridge, which produces water even less clean than ordinary water filter does.
  • Electric water ionizer is very expensive. Your money is spent on the complex electric devices instead of the quality of water.
  • Some vendors may convince you that acidic water is good for washing vegetables and fruits. However, what will you do with the vegetables and fruits after? If you want to eat them, it really makes no sense to wash them using acidic water. Drink alkaline water, and wash your foods with alkaline water.
  • Some vendors may say their machine increases oxygen in water which is good for you. Though Water80 filter system also increases dissolved oxygen in water, we do not promote this feature because it's a common sense that only fish can absorb oxygen from water, not human or mammals.
  • How important is it that electric water ionizer produces very negative ORP? ORP is not as important as alkaline pH and small water cluster. ORP itself is unstable and changes in different temperatures. That's why the reading on ORP meter always changes. Higher the temperature is, higher the ORP is. ORP meter measures ORP under standard conditions: 25°C. Human body temperature is 37°C and is much higher than 25°C. After drinking the water, the ORP already becomes positive in 37°C before it takes much effect inside body. ORP changes in different temperature because it's calculated using temperature. The half-cell standard potential E0 is given by: ORP formula, where ΔG is the Gibbs free energy change defined as G = U + pV − TS, where T is the temperature (SI unit: kelvin).