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C-640 Residential Water Ionizer & Purification System.

Countertop setup: OR Under counter setup:
C-640 Ionized Microcluster Alkaline Water Purification System C-640 Ionized Microcluster Alkaline Water Purification System
  • with a diverter attached to faucet, you can switch between tap water and filtered water;
  • easy to move to different places and ideal for rental apartment, boat or RV.
  • installed with a separate drinking water faucet, fixed and permanent;
  • ideal for owner's house or condo.
$995 $995
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Only $1.81 a day to get UNLIMITED supply of healthy drinking water for the entire family!
  • No plug-in or power required.
  • No waste of acidic water.
  • No plastic bottle.
  • More economic and environmentally friendly.

Our water ionizer turns tap water into purified and ionized microcluster alkaline water, and it can be installed either over the counter or under the sink.


  • Smaller water clusters:
    • Is easily absorbed into cells, gets more nutrients directly into cells and takes out wastes out of your body.
    • Provides better hydration for skins and cells.
  • Alkaline, pH corrected:
    • Removes acidic elements that are the cause of many chronic diseases.
    • pH = 8.0~8.5
  • Ionized with anions:
    • A powerful anti-oxidant which removes free radicals that are a contributor to aging and many diseases.
  • Healthy minerals:
    • Retains healthy minerals in tap water.
    • Increases calcium, zinc and magnesium in water.
  • Cleaner than bottled water:
    • Removes iodine 131, chlorine, lead, odor, rust, parasites, dirt, cysts and many contaminants from tap water.

Installation Instructions

Premium Purified Water

Water80's membrane of 0.02 micron pore size removes the smallest bacteria and viruses that can be found on the earth. Particles that are larger than the pore size are blocked out, while essential minerals pass through. Our water purification system removes radioactive iodine 131 from water. The following diagram illustrates various particles that can be removed by different filter systems and our water ionizer.

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This water purification device reduces the following contaminants from tap water:

  • Iodine 131
  • Bacteria (99.99999%), e.g., E-Coli.
  • Most viruses (99.99999%).
  • Particles of 0.02 micron (µm) and larger (99.99999%).
  • Chlorine - cause of rectal cancer, colon cancer, bladder cancer and breast cancer.
  • Lead - a poisonous metal that damages nervous connections and cause blood and brain disorders.
  • Mercury - a poisonous metal that damages nervous brain and liver.
  • Volatile organic chemicals (VOC's) - a cause of respiratory problems.
  • Total trihalomethanes (THMs) - cause of rectal cancer, colon cancer, bladder cancer and breast cancer.
  • Rust - cause of liver cancer.
  • Heavy metals - dangerous and toxic.
  • Odor and taste
  • Chloramines
  • Turbidity
  • Dirt and cloudiness
  • Parasites
  • Cysts, e.g., giardia lamblia, entamoeba histolytica, cryptosporidium cysts.
  • Mold and algae
  • Asbestos fibers
  • Oxidized iron
  • Oxidized manganese
  • Oxidized sulphides
  • Nitrate nitrogen and nitrite nitrogen


  • Dimension: 50 X 32 X 11 cm / 19.7 X 12.6 X 4.4 inches
  • Water output flow rate: 150 litres per hour / 0.65 gallons per minute
  • No plug-in or power required. Even safe for children to operate.
  • No chemicals or synthetics added.
  • Temperature: 35-100°F (2-38°C) cold water use only
  • Pressure: 10-60 psi. (0.7-4.1 bar)
  • Water source: City tap water
  • Weight: 6.5 kg / 14.4 lbs
  • Hose: LLDPE (Linear low-density polyethylene) hose, OD (Outside diameter) 1/4'', ID (Internal diameter): 0.170''
  • Filter replacement: 12~18 months or 10,950 litres/2,892 gallons (depends upon tap water quality and flow rate)

There are total 4 cartridges inside the water ionizer:


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